Get Out The Vote

An Open Call To All Teens . . .

You can affect change in your community and State.  For those that are under 18 you can inform and impact the adults in your life and the Legislators in your State.

For those over 18 (or 17 in some States for Primary Elections) you can directly impact the legislative agenda through your activism and your Vote.  Register to vote in your primary elections and the general election.  Become educated on the candidates and the legislation that is currently being discussed at a Local, State and Federal level.  Finally let your voice be heard.

Click the link below to register to vote (managed by vote.org).  Not sure if you are already registered?  You can check that as well on the site.  Want a reminder for when you are 18 (or 17 in some States), no problem.

Contact Your Federal Representative and Senators

Customize your message to them and become an advocate for the topics you are passionate about.